steroge will do

Well, a beheading, I suppose…it’s still kind of a developing story…

it’s hard to see anyone in a pose like that without thinking they have a cell phone to their ear
Haha, I did actually have just the same experience - had to look carefully… :)

first time noticing that he played a left handed guitar.

Heh, I hadn’t noticed either…and he’s playing it accordingly - I didn’t know he was left-handed (I’m not that big a fan, really)…but, a quick image search confirms that he was, yes…puts him in company with Hendrix, then…  :)

many things worked for centuries, my dear, including some horrific things … like those breeches. *jokes* bring it back, then - - go forward young man and we’ll call it a comeback.

I’m already on it… :)

austpicious replied to your photo: Unidentified Woman, c.1850 daguerreotype with…

That’s a very homely woMAN. And the ringlets aren’t distracting me from the sideburns ;-)

She’s a woman with a big M, yes… ;)

room42 replied to your photo: Vivienne Westwood, No 3, London 2009 by Juergen…


Ouch, yes - typical redhead…

rrrick replied to your photo: “Towards the end of the Second World War families…

I’d be diggin having one of those for a cabin.

Heh, yes - I did actually think they looked kinda cool myself as well… :)

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