steroge will do

many things worked for centuries, my dear, including some horrific things … like those breeches. *jokes* bring it back, then - - go forward young man and we’ll call it a comeback.

I’m already on it… :)

because they only go with those ridiculous hose and breeches combo.

Hm, instead of just flatly accepting this as a satisfying answer, I think one should rather ignore your term ‘ridiculous’ here, and then ask the - in my opinion - even more pressing question: why on earth did men drop that hose and breeches combo?! (Remember, it worked for centuries…!)

room42 replied to your photo: Vivienne Westwood, No 3, London 2009 by Juergen…


Ouch, yes - typical redhead…

“you” look great!

How did you know it was me?! It’s a costume, dammit! ;)

creeptastically groovy, man
'Creeptastically' - that's the word, yes! And now, everyone else as well go and listen to this obscure psychedelic pearl of a song (if you haven’t already) - I command you! (But be warned: it’s a bit scary…) :)

“Eye Talk” would be a great name for a band - and this would be their Album Cover. perfect!
Let’s start it! I’m already working on the design for our first ‘greatest hits’ album… ;)

ah, the days when simple things gave us pleasure
What do you mean? I posted this to hint my folks I wish for a jumbo-sized set of Tic Tac Toe for my next birthday…duh! :P

appears to me that it was not a religious building, rather, the local party hall. he he
I suppose you’re referring to the lower picture - the ‘party’ scene? Hehe, well, I see what you mean…but remember also: religious rites can encompass just about anything, I guess…for all we know, these people may not have had any particular reason to make any distinction between a ‘temple’ and a ‘party hall’… ;)

vomit. hurl. gross. ick. thank DOG i won’t have to consider ever dating that kid. he he
For crying out loud, 42 - how perverted (and totally out of date) of you to make this into a sexual matter…this is just the latest fad - and hence, perfectly healthy and normal! And if I’m not mistaken, we’ll soon have all the top female celebs pictured while striking a ‘sexy’ pose with a soon-to-be-tween of some kind dangling from one of their breasts…so just get used to it! Lol

PS: I’m preparing a Mother’s Day reading list as well, so keep your sick bag ready…! :D

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